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Here's the press release:

Subject: S.O.S.3 Statewide Yard Sale for Property Tax Relief

September 5, 2007
MEDIA CONTACT: Laura Hile 317-254-2307; email: hile_laura(at)

S.O.S.3 (Selling Our Stuff to Save Our State and Show Our Solidarity)

Property taxes have increased, some dramatically, for many homeowners throughout the state and immediate relief is needed for many to keep their homes. In a show of solidarity against rising property taxes, Hoosiers will "Sell Our Stuff" in yard sales held around the state between Thursday, September 13 and Saturday, September 15.

The event is co-sponsored by the tax activist groups Stop Taxing Our Property (STOP), Inc. and Hoosiers for Fair Taxation. STOP has been involved in recent property tax-related litigation in Marion and Allen counties. Hoosiers for Fair Taxation held “tea parties” in Marion and Allen counties where property tax assessments packed in a large teabag were dunked to protest taxes, in the same spirit as the original Boston Tea Party.

Friends, neighbors, churches, and schools are encouraged to band together with their hand-me-downs, "white elephants", last season's must-haves…anything and everything that’s been cluttering up their closets, cupboards, garages and basements. “There’s no cost to participate” says organizer Jeff Hays, who got the idea for the S.O.S. sale after hearing lots of conversations about property taxes at the U.S. 40 yard sale earlier this year. “We just want people to pick one of these days and have a yard sale. Proceeds from their sales belong to the homeowners since many are struggling to pay their property taxes”.

Free fliers and posters for the event can be downloaded from or so that homeowners can customize them with their sale date, location and time. Sale participants are asked to display S.O.S. signs at their sales as a sign of statewide unity. The group Hoosiers for Fair Taxation will place an ad in the Indianapolis Star classifieds at no cost to participants. Anyone interested in having their sale included in the ad should go to the Hoosiers for Fair Taxation website for further details.

While the politicians stage press conferences, hold meetings about this issue, and offer vague timelines for potential remedies to take hold, homeowners are taking matters into their own hands by selling their stuff to come up with the dough to pay for their property taxes.

The goals for this event are a heightened sense of community throughout the state, bargains galore, fun, and financial relief from property taxes."

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