Friday, October 26, 2007

First Indiana Libertarian Victory of 2008 - Pottawattamie Park Town Council

It's now official. There are no contested races in Pottawattamie Park and pursuant to state law the LaPorte County Clerk has certified this and canceled the town election.

Libertarian Michael Sloan is now a councilor-elect for the 1st Ward seat.

Interestingly, all three seats on the council are being filled by a different political party. Read more about this in The Michigan City News-Dispatch article titled "Some '08 Elections a Done Deal".

The Libertarian candidate for Hagerstown Town Court, incumbent Susan Bell, is also unopposed this year. However, there are several contested races in Hagerstown, and so there will be an election and Bell won't be certified as the elected office holder until after November 6th.

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