Sunday, October 07, 2007

Monroe County Libertarian Party Chair Fette Interviewed on WTHR 13 in Indianapolis

Margaret Fette is interviewed by WTHR 13 in Indianapolis in her role as Monroe County Libertarian Chair on the new proposed smoking ban extension in Bloomington/Monroe County. It is printed at the WTHR website at "Monroe County proposes smoking ban extension" and has a link to the video of the story and interview.

By the way, the elected officials in Monroe County are self-appointed elites who know better than all others how one should lead their lives. They will tell you this all the time - but scream the loudest if they want their property rezoned and it is denied.

I hope the Monroe County Libertarian Party investigates these officials, and starts asking them to ban those things that these elites like (a Volvo when a Chevrolet should be enough, lake homes, eating out at restaurants, more than three rooms in their house because it takes away from the environment, etc.)

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While I was working at the computer my wife was watching the news on TV. The report included Peterson as a credible candidate. The property tax issue we've been harping on for years is a seed that is beginning to grow. I think the media thinking, "The people knew what they were talking about."

This could be the year of the Libertarians.