Friday, October 05, 2007

Tully - "Fred Peterson hits the debate's only home run."

Fred Peterson, Libertarian candidate for Indianapolis Mayor, participated in last night's mayoral debate with incumbent Democrat Bart Peterson and Republican Greg Ballard.

Read Indianapolis Star columnist Mathew Tully's "inning by inning" analysis of the debate in the article titled "Candidates step up to debate plate."

Here are other articles in the Star about the debates:

"Property taxes rule mayoral debate"

"Indianapolis mayoral candidates debate tonight"

Here is the first of a series of articles with answers by the three mayoral candidates to questions posed by the Indianapolis Star:
"We asked the candidates: What about infrastructure?"

Here are what bloggers are saying about Fred Peterson and the other candidates' performances in the debate last night:

Indiana Barrister (Abdul Hakim-Shabazz):

Advance Indiana (Gary Welsh):
"Mayoral Candidates Face Off"

Ruth's Blog (Ruth Holladay):
"A Libertarian on the arts: Ban frogs?" and
"Ballard for mayor, and we need a new Legislature..."

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