Monday, November 12, 2007

Indiana Libertarians Organizing 2008 Campaigns

The November 2008 election is quickly approaching, and planning and fund raising needs to start now. Many Libertarians have started.

The campaign committee of the Friends of Rex Bell exploratory committee meet for dinner at Weliever's in Hagerstown last Friday night.

A noted Libertarian is organizing an effort to recruit good Congressional candidates statewide for 2008.

The Marion County Libertarians have started their efforts for 2008.

Eric Schansberg has already announced he is again seeking the Libertarian nomination for Indiana US House District 9.

Steve Keltner of Indianapolis has already started his campaign for Indiana Senate.

The LaPorte County Libertarians have already started their campaign plan for 2008.

The Allen County Libertarians are excited about their results this Fall and are planning their 2008 campaigns for county office and school boards.

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