Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Timothy Maguire's Call to Action

Here is the latest from Libertarian Timothy Maguire:


OKAY! Well, it looks like I may have started something here, from my original innocent email. I propose the following actions.

To avoid any more emails like the one from Dan, let’s stop the email discussion, and everyone go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IndianaLibertarianDiscuss/join and join right now (if you ARE interested in further discussion). It offers individually delivered emails, daily digest emails, and web only…for those that like a “board/forum” setting. Andy and I have already posted messages this week. I like the LPIN one and all, but having to ask to be “invited” will put off most people.

EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, show up to the Marion Co. LP meeting on Monday the 19th. (11/19…7pm…Deano’s Vino…1112 South Shelby Street…317-423-3154). No need to have the final discussion there…but everyone come and let’s see who all is interested in brainstorming for candidates and otherwise furthering the Indy effort in 2008. Everyone reading these words, please consider this a personal invitation to come and assist in this great and good work.

We can then decide how to move forward, what we should “officially” or “unofficially” be doing, and when/if we should meet again. Whether we want to formally set up a party committee (utilizing Todd and Barry’s authority), or if we just want to form a league of sorts to make unofficial recommendations to the party.

Finally, forward this to everyone you know who is involved or looking to get involved. As the original email I sent out was just a thank you to supporters of my campaign (that I had email addresses for), many names were left off and a few people probably got a little annoyed at the banter. As such, on THIS email, I deleted many names from the original list (including Dan, as he requested), but I don’t have many emails for others who may be interested. PLEASE forward this to everyone you know looking to get involved.

I’ll wait a couple days, and post a re-cap on the YahooGroup, so everyone knows what we’re talking about.

If anyone has any questions, please email me privately. Again, I’m REALLY appreciative of all of your support over this past year. I’m excited and nervous about the opportunities 2008 will bring, and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!"

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Timothy Maguire said...

Thanks Mark,

To give everyone a little of the backstory, I had sent out a thank you email to many supporters (posted here a few days ago), which eventually turned into a VERY active discussion on the future of the party.

Please attend on the 19th if you can!