Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Name Surfaces as Possible Libertarian Candidate for the 7th District

This weekend, I heard another name in the rumor mill about possible candidates for the Libertarian nomination for the 7th District Congressional District special election. It is Paul Dijak-Robinson, who ran for Indianapolis City-County Council District 16 last Fall.


Eclecticvibe said...

I usually vote Libertarian, as a protest vote against the 2 major parties more than agreement with Libertarian philosophy. However, I couldn't vote for Mr. Dijak-Robinson in the CCC race because of his performance at the candidates' forum. If he intends to be a serious contender, I hope he will be more prepared. Especially, I'd like to see him offer more alternatives to the current two party system. He should also make reforming the biased 2 party system a major part of his campaign. He needs to articulate that change will most likely come from an outside if he expects to find any traction outside of Libertarian circles. Best of luck should he chose to run. said...

The Cook Partisan index gives the 7th District a D+9 rating making it a throw away for the Republicans and a sure bet for the Democrats. I call it a congressional ghetto in that it appears to have been drawn to isolate Democrats.

Hopefully the Libertarian will use the nomination as a sounding board for a small-government agenda. Winning will certainly not be an option.

In 2006 we had an opportunity to take advantage of a split in the GOP in the 41st state senate race. Rather than work with me, the LPIN leadership opted to lambast me for appealing to the dissatisfied Republicans. At some point you just have to throw your hands up and walk away. And so I did.

Best wishes to Dijak-Robinson.