Thursday, December 27, 2007

Libertarian (Me) Elected Chairman of the Indiana Public Defender Commission

I'm very honored to have been elected chairman of the Indiana Public Defender Commission last December 12th.

The Indiana Public Defender Commission "recommends standards for indigent defense in capital cases, adopts guidelines of salary and fee schedules for individual county reimbursement eligibility, and reviews and approves requests for reimbursement in capital cases. In addition, the Commission adopts guidelines and standards for county reimbursement eligibility in non-capital cases.”

A press release was issued by the Indiana Supreme Court's Office of State Court Administration. It can be read in full at the Inside Indiana Business web site.

Please notice it states I was Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Indiana from 2000 - 2007! I had nothing to do with that being put in the release, other than supplying my resume.


Andrew Horning said...



The Governor knows good people when he has them. I'm glad his administration has room for Libertarians too. -- Melyssa

Angela Keaton said...

Thanks for standing up for the PDs office. Without public defenders, the poor have no chance against the State.

Angela Keaton
W Hollywood, CA