Monday, February 11, 2008

Klopfenstein and Maguire Named to the Indianapolis City-County Council Board of Zoning Appeals

Tonight, two proposals were passed in the Indianapolis City-Council naming two Libertarians to the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals.

Proposal 19 appoints Brad Klopfenstein to the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals, Division II. Brad is the former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. It passed 25-4. The dissenting councilors, all Democrats, were Joanne Sanders, Monroe Gray, Paul Bateman and Angela Mansfield.

Proposal 20 appoints Timothy Maguire to the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals, Division I. Tim was a Libertarian candidate for Indianapolis City-County Council At-large in 2007. The proposal passed 24-5. The dissenting councilors, all Democrats, were Joanne Sanders, Monroe Gray, Paul Bateman, Angela Mansfield and William Oliver.

Both Brad and Tim should be congratulated for obviously having a good reputation and respect in the community. It says a lot about all of the Republicans and most of the Democrats on the City-County Council that they set partisanship aside to put talented Libertarians on these two important boards.


Anonymous said...

Did the Dems provide a specific reason why they voted against?

Also, was it known that they were Libertarians? said...

Here's a critical, uh, critique.

Carson Backs Liquor Lobbyist For Zoning Board

Anonymous said...

For Brad it was because of his work as a lobbyist for the liquor stores and bar owners. I suppose for Tim it was just out of spite.

I don't have the exact rules in front of me but I think it required a couple folks who are not members of the majority party on the zoning board. Hence the use of Libertarians.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

That is awesome news!

Even with the hard fought race that Maguire made for the At Large position it is nice to see that most of the IMCC was willing to recognize his abilities and potential for improving the local body and oversight can I ask though what is the difference between Division I and II that is not something I am familiar with locally?

Best regards to both of them!

+Kenneth White, Jnr.
LPAC Secretary

patriot paul said...

Congratulations to them both.
Patriot Paul

Eclecticvibe said...

Hopefully the Democrats catch on to this tactic and appoint Greens. This is an interesting twist to the disenfranchisement of 3rd parties in Indiana politics.

Rex Bell said...

Congratulations Brad and Tim. It's nice to have someone on the BZA that has an understanding of property rights, I think. said...

This is a very exciting thing to see happen!

This just goes to show the supreme significance and value for Libertarians to run for elections, especially local elections, even if people think they don't have a chance to win.

Because even if they don't get elected they may have an influence on local (or, in national races, national) policy and, better yet, just may be appointed to office.

This just makes me realize more and more the importance of Libertarian candidates to become very well educated in their ability to deliver the Libertarian message in a successful manner.

To this end I encourage prospective Libertarian candidates (myself included!) to visit The Advocates For Self-Government, the premier Libertarian activist education organization. They offer videos, books, audio cassettes, cd's, etc. to teach Libertarians the message of Liberty and how to deliver it.

In Freedom & Liberty,
Ryan Brennan