Sunday, January 13, 2008

Susan Bell to Speak at Libertarian National Convention

Here's the press release from the Libertarian Party of Wayne County:

"Greetings Wayne County Libertarians and Friends;

Just a little news of a few goings on.

Our very own Susan Bell, Judge of the Hagerstown Court, will be speaking at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Denver Colorado, May 22-26! Quite a feather in the LPWC's cap, I think. Plan on attending if you can. More information is available at

We will be holding our County Convention in April (exact date TBA). We have an excellent opportunity at the county level this year. 3rd District County Commissioner Mary Heyob has announced that she will not seek re-election, and 2nd District Commissioner Doug Williamson, who was appointed to replace Tom (Slick) Dickman, brought some baggage with him that didn't set well with the general population. Let's try to get a couple of candidates lined up for the Libertarian ticket to make a run at these open and almost open positions. The at-large county council seats will also be up this year. Start thinking about running or helping someone else to run.

I have formed an exploratory committe to see if there is interest in me running for office at the state level. The website is up, and you can check it out at although we are still tweaking most parts of it. The guy that put it together loaded some pictures from the last campaign that can be deleted as we add new ones from this campaign.

WARNING!!! It also has an RSS feed from Reason Magazine and the last article picked up has a big picture of Steve Earle right up front. He's a great singer/songwriter, but its not a very flattering picture. It will be bumped down the line shortly.

With Susan's re-election last year, and Conley Tillson and Steve Coffman's election in 2006, we now have three elected Libertarians in our area. Let's give it a good run and build on that number in 2008.

Thanks for all of your help.
Rex Bell
Libertarian Party of Wayne County"

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