Friday, February 22, 2008

Proposed Libertarian Platform Still A Disaster

I looked at the proposed Libertarian Party platform. It has been proposed by the Platform Committee.

While it is a yeoman's effort over past party platforms, it is still a disaster. It is written in graduate student language. It talks about concepts that the professors of graduate students sometimes don't understand.

It is my opinion that until the national Libertarian Party writes a platform in English at the high school graduate level, it will continue to confuse, obfuscate, scare away and provide fodder for attack by its enemies.

I'm disappointed for the Libertarian political philosophy provides the greatest good for the greatest number. It will help the poor who are too often politically disenfranchised. It will help small businesses, who have become government's tax collector and immigration enforcer, even though it's not their job. But our platform has consistently been written to hide these benefits in its obtuse language.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for this entry. The public is always skeptical of something they don't understand in everyday layman's language. "Libertarian" can be viewed in different perspectives, just as Rs and Ds. What is needed is a side (formal policy) by side (it's interpretation in common use language) declaration with specifics for 21 century utilitarian value.
With many thinking it is so far left of liberalism that drugs are ok and it's a free for all if you don't hurt anyone, and the rest thinking its a revamped leftwing Republican, or even a puritanical fundamentalist, there seem to be few litmus tests, but alot of heady strict Constitutionalists who love to tout founding fathers' thoughts. I know several good people claiming to be Libertarian & there is wide disagreement among themselves on nearly every subject except the most broad philosophical statements they adhere to. I have yet to find a website that gets down to details and itemizes specifics on abortion, immigration, taxes, education, military, etc. The Libertarian Party will never garner more than a 5% vote on any election, unless it does alot of homework to reach a concensus itemized outside the framework of philolophical jargon and then is able to translate it to your next door neighbor with Obama type enthusiasm. The last major LIbertarian try for a significant office in Indy was for Mayor, and this guy had one foot in the grave and announced he did not want the expense of the Stadium or the Colts; much less bidding on a superbowl. So if your a sports enthusiast, a Libertarian is not on the radar screen. The party continues to be shortchanged of serious people who can boldly ARTICULATE. So long as the Party continues to hold lofty ideals unexplainable to the public and surround itself with unknown candidates to run for office who seem to regard it as no more than a hobby, it's damaged foot will never get past the door into serious contention. said...

Platform: Government is too big, too expensive and too intrusive.