Friday, March 07, 2008

Pictures from the 7th Congressional District Special Election Debate

Candidates from left to right: Jon Elrod (R), Sean Shepard (L) and Andre Carson (D)

Pictures taken by Paul Wheeler.

Paul has this to say about the debate in this note to me:


Over 300 people crammed into a small auditorium at IUPUI’s conference center Thursday night to hear 3 candidates square off in a debate for the 7th congressional district to fill Julia Carson’s vacancy. While Jon Elrod and Andre Carson towed typical party lines, it was the guy in the middle, Libertarian Sean Shepard, who espoused forefather ideas of small government to efficiently disburse help to local citizens. It was quite obvious that anyone wanting ‘change’, that he was the ‘change candidate’.

The Star editorial calls him ‘bright, personable’ but ‘his third party status, however, will severely limit his draw on Tuesday.”

However the cards fall on Tuesday, he is the most credible and articulate Libertarian to come on the scene in the short 35 years of national Party existence.

Patriot Paul"

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