Friday, June 06, 2008

Libertarian Party of Indiana Press Release on Schansberg Winning National LP Recognition

"Libertarian Schansberg Wins National Recognition

Contact: Todd Singer, State Chairman, LPIN, (deleted)

Campaign Contact: Melanie Hughes, Campaign Manager, (502) 432-1930,

Eric Schansberg, Libertarian Candidate, U.S. House, 9th District-IN, (deleted)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - The Libertarian Party proudly announces Libertarian activist and candidate for Indiana's 9th District U.S. Congressional seat, Dr. Eric Schansberg, is the recipient of this year's Thomas Paine Award as the nation's leading communicator of libertarian ideals. This award is given every two years at the biennial national conventions. It is given to individuals whose achievements place them among the best activists in the history of the LP.

"I'm honored to receive the award and humbled to join the company of such fine previous winners," comments Schansberg. "I want to thank those who have multiplied my efforts (mostly behind the scenes), especially those on my 2006 and 2008 congressional campaign teams, those in leadership in the LPIN, and Craig Ladwig at Indiana Policy Review."

Schansberg, of Jeffersonville, has run for public office and is running again again this year for Congress. He is the author of three books on limited government, regularly writes articles for the Indiana Policy Review Journal, and publishes an influential blog called the "SchansBlog."

"In our time, we have a tremendous opportunity to communicate a message of Freedom -- with people who are increasingly disenchanted with the Republicans and Democrats. May we apply ourselves more diligently and creatively to that end," recommended the economist from southern Indiana.

Schansberg shares the 2008 award with Missouri libertarian, Michael Ferguson.

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