Monday, June 30, 2008

Schansberg to Pump Gas and Talk to Voters Tomorrow in Salem

"June 30, 2008


Schansberg pumps gas in Salem, criticizes Hill and Sodrel on energy policy positions

On Tuesday July 1st, Dr. Eric Schansberg, the Libertarian candidate for Indiana's 9th District, will be the guest on WSLM's live show "Coffee Talk" (Salem; Channel 17; 8:00-8:30 AM). Afterwards, he will pump gas and talk with voters at S&S Petroleum in Salem (1306 W. Mulberry St.) from 8:45-9:45 AM.

Schansberg also took the occasion to criticize Baron Hill and Mike Sodrel for their remarks last week on gas prices and energy policy.

About Hill, Schansberg remarked: "Baron seems to think that more government and regulating markets is the answer. He pushed for tighter fuel efficiency standards, but higher gas prices will encourage people to demand more fuel-efficient cars quite naturally. And he wants to regulate the futures market and reduce the number of investors. At best, that's pandering and it may make things worse by limiting competition in the futures market."

Continuing, Schansberg said, "I agree with Baron about reducing the size of the strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). But strangely, he seems to think that a modest adjustment to the SPR will have a dramatic impact on price, while increasing oil production by far more will do nothing to the futures market."

About Sodrel, Schansberg commented: "I agree with Mike that drilling off the Gulf Coast and in ANWR is a no-brainer. But he wants to take money from taxpayers to give to oil companies and to companies developing alternative energies. In this time of massive government debt—which weakens the dollar and has dramatically driven up the price of oil—more spending is not the answer."

Continuing, Schansberg said, "Mike talks about the power of market incentives, but then he argues for government subsidies. There's so much money on the table right now—all the incentive needed for entrepreneurs to innovate. Why should the government take money from taxpayers and try to pick winners?"

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