Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bob Barr Signs Posted at My House

The above are Bob Barr signs posted on the front porch railing and front door at my house in Indianapolis.

Barr is the Libertarian candidate for president in 2008.


Tony Kondaks said...

I'd love to support Barr.
But I've been to his official campaign website and there is nothing -- zippo -- on catastrophic man-made global warming. Which leads me to think: Is Barr on the same side as McCain, Obama, and Gore on this most important of issues?
I want at least ONE candidate to come out publicly and strongly to say that it's all a bunch of bunk and if we go through with all the changes they're proposing we'll be up you-know-what creek.

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Barr on global warning during an interview with Glenn Beck:

"GLENN: Do you believe in manmade global warming and to what extent will you try to correct it, if you do believe in manmade global warming?

BARR: Mankind has done a lot of good in the world. They have done a lot of bad as well, but change in the climate is not one of them. I've seen no legitimate scientific evidence that indicates that the cyclical -- and they are very much cyclical -- you know, increases and drops in global temperatures over the decades and over the centuries is the result of, you know, mankind.

GLENN: So how would you explain? Why the big push for global warming and cap and trade and everything else with both parties?

BARR: Two things. Because much public policy in America these days and even in the Western world generally is based on notions that sound good. It sounds good to people that there's something wrong out there and we can do something about it. It becomes a rallying cry and you have the Hollywood elites that have bought into this, you have the political elites like Al Gore that make money in this. You have it being pushed and rammed down our throats by the United Nations, you know, which, they may make really nice Christmas cards but that's about all the good they do in the world. But they're pushing this, forcing this down our throats. And I tell you, Glenn, the cleverest people in all this are the Chinese. They exempt themselves from things like the Kyoto protocol which would saddle U.S. and European governments and businesses with trillions of dollars of costs and drive down the ability of the Western world to increase and change its economy. Meanwhile the Chinese are surging and they are not bound by these same regulations that the international bodies are trying to force on us."