Monday, July 14, 2008

Schansberg Press Conference This Wednesday

Here's the press release on it:

"July 14, 2008


Schansberg press conference about gas prices and energy policy on Wednesday in Jeffersonville

Eric Schansberg will hold a press conference at Warder Park in Jeffersonville on Wednesday, July 16th at 9:30 AM—to address a variety of issues about gas prices, "energy independence", and federal policy. (Warder Park is located at the corner of Court Avenue and Spring Street in downtown Jeffersonville.)

Dr. Schansberg is an economics professor at Indiana University Southeast and the Libertarian candidate for Congress in the 9th District.

In his prepared remarks, Dr. Schansberg will address:

· the importance of expanding domestic drilling of the Gulf Coast and in ANWR

· the dramatic but overlooked impact of the weaker dollar on the price of gas

· the (limited) usefulness of reducing the size of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

· proposed policies that cannot significantly decrease the price of gas: windfall profits taxes and additional regulation on "speculators" and "price gougers"

· why subsidizing oil companies and alternative energy is a bad idea

· the likely reason for much higher prices (recently) in Jefferson County and Southern Indiana

Dr. Schansberg will also be pleased to field questions from members of the press about gas prices, energy policy—or anything else related to the campaign.

His remarks will be passed out at the press conference and provided by email on request.

For more information on the campaign, see: To schedule an interview, contact Eric Schansberg at (812) 218-0443, Melanie Hughes at (502) 432-1930, or send an email to


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