Friday, August 15, 2008

Bob Barr Filing Lawsuit to Get into National Presidential Event in California

This Saturday, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain are scheduled to appear together in their first combined national event.

According to Russ Verney, campaign manager for Libertarian Presidential candidate Bob:

"It will take place at Saddleback Church in Orange County, California.

For the past several weeks, we have put in requests and phone calls to the church's pastor, Rick Warren, who was quoted this week in Time Magazine as saying, "I want what's good for everybody, not just what's good for me. Who's the best for the nation right now?"

Unfortunately, Pastor Rick Warren doesn't care to know the true answer to that question as he has willingly excluded Bob Barr and other candidates from his forum on Saturday.

After weeks of negotiations and calls to Saddleback Church from leaders from every corner of the political spectrum supporting Bob Bar's inclusion, we've been left out in the cold.

The only people getting into the event are Obama, McCain and those who reportedly paid $500 to $2,000 to the church to sit in the audience.

Yesterday, I reported to former Congressman Barr that we've exhausted every avenue. I told him, "We've had calls placed to Pastor Warren from very powerful leaders from the left and the right, we sent in our personal request, and placed numerous phone calls that have not been returned. You are not going to be included.

"Our only option left is to threaten to file an temporary injunction as our attorney's believe they are in violation of the law."

Bob responded by saying, "No, don't threaten to do that . . . Just do it."

As you read this, our attorneys are filing an injunction against Saddleback Church to include Bob Barr in their forum this Saturday. . ."

". . . The complaint is based upon a violation of McCain/Feingold campaign finance legislation.

While we're no fans of that legislation. However, we don't write the rules, we're just forced to play by them. In this case, we're using McCain/Feingold to our advantage. . ."

Read more about it at Bob Barr's website by clicking here.

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