Sunday, August 24, 2008

Get Your Campaign Supplies at New Libertarian Owned Business

My good friend Rob Hodgkinson has developed a new business to supply Libertarians with effective, but affordable, campaign materials.

Here is what he has to say about his business:


Although this launch is a bit late in this 2008 election – it is better late than never.

I, with a partner that has run winning campaigns for republicans and democrats in Kansas, have created a business to help Libertarians to get elected. We are focused on the lower level type of races (although if a US Senate race wants our help – we will help).

We have set out to be the low cost – high quality libertarian alternative to help our candidates nationally. As someone who has been promoting the LP for years – I won’t get rich doing this business – my goal here is to accelerate the effectiveness of libertarian campaigns. I am no longer content simply to "get the word out." It's time to compete, and compete to win.

As someone who has run multiple libertarian campaigns, I know how badly we need this type of help for LP candidates to win. As you can see when you check out the site – our priority is on helping campaigns in those areas that a low budget campaign should be focused on and not the trivial things that other campaign sites would have you spend (waste) money on.

Please forward this website to all your candidates – we are ready to help them in 2008.

We will be available as well, for the upcoming spring 2009 elections.

Thanks for your help!

Rob Hodgkinson

Candidate for Kansas State Senate - 37th District

Chair - The Libertarian Party of Kansas
Individual Liberty -- Personal Responsibility"

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