Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here's a Promising Fund Raising Letter from Rob Hodgkinson for Kansas State Senate


I’d like to believe that we libertarians are getting smarter. Truth of the matter, I think, is that voters increasingly find themselves in line with where our party has been all along. The 2008 election season can be – will be – a “moment in time” for us. For our philosophy, our ideas, and our LP candidates. I’m one of them running for the Kansas State Senate – District 37 and I need your help.

As you probably know, this is not my first run at public office. However, it is a first in many other ways…

Ø I – we – no longer must settle for “getting the message out” as most important, or the only objective of the campaign. I’d like to win! But, if we can execute the campaign properly, we in any case will demonstrate a level of support that will serve us in the future – in political appointments, media attention, ballot qualifications… all forms of political capital.

Ø Never have libertarian ideas been in sharper focus when contrasted to the major parties. Americans see thru the claims of ”change” to the reality of “more of the same.” Washington insiders like Senators McCain & Obama. Washington insiders like Senator Roberts and D.C. lobbyist Slattery, all who have failed us and instead worry about their personal gain. It’s the same in Kansas as well.

Ø From the war in Iraq, to imaginative energy approaches, to reformed tax policy… Americans agree with US on the issues! Too often, they just don’t know it.

Ø Our campaign will have more professional help and guidance than ever. And it will show!

One thing hasn’t changed in 2008 – campaigns cost money. I can help make important, effective things happen in 2008 with your support. I promise that your dollars – in any amount – will go far in creating the communications tools we need to influence voters as never before.

May I count on your support?
The campaign has already ordered and paid for 10,000 push cards and they will be used for the door-to-door (and other events) that we will do in the fall. We have already designed and paid for our yard signs as well.

This current set of campaign donations will be used for direct mail purposes in the general election to reach the rural areas we cannot walk effectively.

Please go to the Rob Hodgkinson for Kansas Senate campaign web site and donate at least $25, $50, $100 – or if you are able and willing, please give more, as much as you can, up to the $1,000 maximum allowed by Kansas law.

Thank You very much for your help!

Rob Hodgkinson

Message sent by the candidate Rob Hodgkinson for the Committee to elect Rob Hodgkinson
Treasurer: David Huston

Address: 16310 Kenneth Road, Stilwell, KS 66085
(H) 913.851.4863
(F) 913.814.0266

Kansas State law requires that all contributions over $10 must have the name and address of the contributor. The occupation of the contributor also must be included if contribution over $150

$1,000 maximum per contributor per election cycle per person or business. Individuals may give at anytime. Lobbyists, corporations, and PACs may not give during the Legislative Session. The 2008 legislative session was completed the end of May.

It's a great time to be a Libertarian in Kansas!"

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