Monday, September 01, 2008

Pictures from the Libertarian Party of Wayne County Garage Sale

Here's the report from Libertarian Party of Wayne County Chairman Rex Bell on its Labor Day Weekend Garage Sale:

"Well folks, another LPWC Labor Day Garage Sale has come and gone. Almost. Even as I write this message, a man is loading the last of the curtain rods, used ceramic tile and McDonalds Halloween pumpkins from the 'Free Stuff' pile in the front yard. Looks like we're down to the Perfect Circle blueprint storage cabinet, a half of a jug of Thorobond and just a few 'mystery' items.

The final tallies aren't in yet, but it looks like we made about $2700.00 this year. Watch for our billboards, newspaper and radio ads this October. That is how we spend the money.

Thanks to everyone that came out to help. Just some of the highlights:
*Steph's Cafe' was a big hit as usual.
*We sold 136 jars of Ma Bell's World Famous Homemade Apple Butter.
*After 7 years of helping to set-up, teardown and run the event, and after 7 years of empty promises, Charlie finally got that piece of pie that Susan has been promising him.
*Ross convinced some woman to buy that 600 lb. organ so we wouldn't have to move it again.
*Cheryl allowed Marvin to come back and help even after the 'thong incident'.

Mark your calendars:

Next Sunday, September 7th, we will be in the Cambridge City Canal Days Parade. Line up at 1:00.

October 4th and 5th we will have a booth at the Richmond 4th Street Fair.

October 17th, Concession stand at Hagerstown Football Game.

More to come:

Here are pictures from the garage sale:

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