Saturday, October 11, 2008

Barr Polling at 5% in Indiana

Read more about Barr polling 5% in Indiana in the Wall Street Journal article titled "Obama Closes Gap in Indiana".

This is the highest poll numbers I can recollect for the Libertarian presidential nominee in Indiana. Nascent political parties with any organizational strength tend to do much better at the local level and in the smaller districts. Thus this bodes well for some of our candidates running in local and smaller electoral districts.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana current has in elected partisan office a town judge, city council member and two township advisory board members. Overall, 14 Libertarians have been elected to partisan office in Indiana. Here are their names, followed by their office, year(s) elected and term(s) of office:

(1). Mary Dufour, Jefferson Township Trustee, Washington County, 1998, 1999-02

(2). Zenith Caudill, Jefferson Township Advisory Board, Washington County, 1998, 1999-02

(3). Phil Miller, Greenfield City Council, 1999, 2000-03

(4). Darren Nolan, Universal City Council, 1999, 2000-03

(5). Gale Owen, Silver Lake City Council, 1999, 2000-03

(6). Edward Dilts, Needham Township Advisory Board, Johnson County, 2002, 2003-06

(7). Anita M. Amspaugh, Union City Clerk-Treasurer, 2003, 2004-07

(8). Susan Bell, Hagerstown Town Court Judge, 2003, 2007, 2004-11

(9). Susan K. Pyle, MD, Union City Council, 2003, 2004-07

(10). Russell Reichard, Union City Council, 2003, 2004-resigned 06

(11). Jay Thompson, Gosport Town Council, 2003, 2004-07

(12). Conley Tillson, Clay Township Advisory Board, Wayne County, 2006, 2007-10

(13). Steve Coffman, Liberty Township Advisory Board, Henry County, 2006, 2007-10

(14). Michael Sloan, Pottawattamie Park Town Council, 2007, 2008-11

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