Thursday, October 30, 2008

Call Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Horning on His Cell Phone 812-585-0504

Andy Horning wants to hear from the citizens of Indiana - you can call him directly on his cell phone at 812-585-0504.

I bet you can't call the cell phone and talk directly with incumbent Republican Mitch Daniels or Democrat candidate Jill Long-Thompson!

Here's the latest press release from the Andy Horning, Libertarian for Indiana Governor campaign:

"Candidate Gives Voters His Cell Phone Number

(Freedom, IN) Indiana gubernatorial candidate Andy Horning today released his personal cell phone number to the public, inviting voters to call him with any questions about his plans for the state, or why he should be elected.

Horning, a member of the state's Libertarian Party, is offering a 100%, literally constitutional alternative to Governor Mitch Daniels (R) and Jill Long-Thompson (D). "I'm the only candidate who even wants to honor the oath of office," said Horning.

"Most people agree that politicians should obey laws just as the rest of us do. And they agree that politicians are now out of control," says Horning. "But most people have no idea what I've put on the ballot this year. I decided the best way to share our message would be personally, in one-on-one conversations with undecided voters." He adds, "I'm on a mission to spread our message of constitutional liberty and justice, and to make our country stronger one person at a time."

Horning pledges to answer his actual cell phone number, 812-585-0504, personally.

The number will be promoted through Election Day in a statewide radio advertising campaign, emails to his supporters, on his website, virally, and through social networking websites.

The radio commercial will be posted to both the campaign website and to YouTube.
Visit the website at
For more information, contact: Andy Horning, Candidate for Governor
Lisa Kelly, Candidate for Lt. Governor

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About Andy Horning
Born in Indianapolis on June 20, 1958, Andy Horning lived most of his life in Indianapolis. He now resides on a small farm outside Bloomington in Freedom, IN. His career spans more than a decade of product development and clinical engineering for ultrasound and cardiac catheterization labs. He has since taught, joined the board of directors for Indiana CURE and ICOG, and written for the Indianapolis Star and Indiana Policy Review. Horning previously ran for governor of Indiana in 2000 and for US Congress in 2004. He was co-founder and board member of the Indiana Republican Liberty Caucus."

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