Saturday, October 11, 2008

Schansberg and Indiana's 9th Congressional Race is Still in the National News

Here's the latest press release from the Schansberg for Congress campaign regarding the national attention the "lie detector" debate has received. By the way, as of late Saturday afternoon, it was still on the Drudge Report.

"October 10, 2008

Schansberg responds to uproar over "lie detector" debate proposal

On Friday, Dr. Eric Schansberg responded to the staggering attention given to the "lie detector" debate proposal put forward by 9th District Republican Party Chairman Larry Shickles on Wednesday. Shickles proposed that the three candidates would be allowed to ask each other questions while connected to a polygraph machine.

Sodrel agreed; Schansberg indicated his willingness to debate under any conditions; Hill refused to comment; and those running the only scheduled debate at Vincennes University in Jasper decided not to change their format.

Schansberg said: "This has been amazing. In addition to media coverage in the 9th District, we've fielded calls from the Chicago Tribune and Hollywood's "Inside Edition". Now, it's on the Drudge Report. Why is this capturing people's imaginations? Part of the excitement stems from its novelty and a pseudo-scientific approach. But it also clearly indicates that people don't trust politicians very much. We would love to know when and if politicians are telling the truth. That's one of the reasons I'm running: people rarely trust the knowledge and motives of those who represent them in Congress."

On the debates, Schansberg commented: "We've said repeatedly that we would debate anytime, anyhow, anywhere—under any context or conditions. In contrast, Baron has made it abundantly clear that he's only eager to debate when he's the challenger in a race. As the incumbent, he has dragged his feet and limped grudgingly into a single debate at the last minute. If I'm elected, I promise that I'll always give the voters of the 9th District at least three debates. And I promise that I won't make life difficult for those who plan the debates."

For more information on the campaign, see: To schedule an interview, contact Eric Schansberg at (812) 218-0443, Melanie Hughes at (502) 432-1930, or send an email to SchansbergForCongress(at)


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