Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Schansberg Post-Debate Comments

Here's the post-debate press release from the Eric Schansberg, Libertarian for Indiana's 9th Congressional District, campaign:

"October 21, 2008


Schansberg comments post-debate

On Tuesday evening, Dr. Eric Schansberg engaged in a two-hour debate with Rep. Baron Hill and former Rep. Mike Sodrel at the Vincennes University campus in Jasper. The first hour was broadcast on radio and television across the district. The second hour is available by contacting Paul Knies with Ch. 27—WJTS in Jasper (pknies(at)

Schansberg commented: "I thought it went well. I enjoyed the format, but wish we'd had more debates and the ability to have different formats. Unfortunately, Baron only allowed us one debate this time. Apparently, he's far more interested in debating as a challenger than as an incumbent."

Asked about what went well, Schansberg replied: "I thought I was able to communicate that I am the choice for 'independent' voters and the only vote for 'true change'. People often say they're independent and they want change. I guess we'll see how much that's true on November 4th."

Asked about any disappointments, Schansberg replied: "We didn't get a two-minute closing statement—as per the agreement. I was hoping to use that to speak to our on-going efforts in Iraq—which didn't come up for me during either hour of the debate. I wanted to underline that I am the only candidate who is serious about bringing our troops home soon. Hill talks about it, but continues to vote for the status quo in Iraq. And he has devoted no advertising to the topic."

For more information on the campaign, see: To schedule an interview, contact Eric Schansberg at (812) 218-0443, Melanie Hughes at (502) 432-1930, or send an email to


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