Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Schansberg Wonders Why National Rifle Association Endorse Hill When He Has a Higher Gun Rights Rating

"October 15, 2008


NRA endorses Hill but Schansberg receives higher rating

For this election, the National Rifle Association (NRA) endorsed Baron Hill in the 9th District congressional race.

Schansberg commented: "Their decision rule seems to be choosing incumbents who are decent on the 2nd Amendment—rather than those who are best in that area. That said, it still seems odd that they would endorse someone who publicly endorsed Barack Obama."

In 2006, the NRA and Gun Owners of America (GOA) endorsed Mike Sodrel. In 2006, GOA gave Baron Hill a grade of D- (D minus), Mike Sodrel a grade of A- (A minus), and Eric Schansberg a grade of A. In 2008, GOA awarded Schansberg and Sodrel an A—while giving Hill a B.

When asked about the endorsement and ratings of the two 2nd Amendment groups, Schansberg said "We're fortunate to have three good candidates on the 2nd Amendment, but you're not going to beat a Libertarian on gun rights. Hill is solid—and very good for a Democrat. Sodrel is excellent. But we're glad for the GOA's recognition of our strength on the 2nd Amendment—equal to Sodrel this year and surpassing him two years ago."

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Casey said...

The NRA isn't really an pro-gun group anymore. They support many of the current gun laws, and often lobby for adding more. They apparently don't understand the phrase "shall not be infringed".

Anonymous said...

I threw away my Hill sticker, and encouraged hundreds of others to do the same in local gun clubs. But make NO mistake... The NRA IS dedicated to upholding The Second Amendment... they just know the game a little better than the rest of us.