Thursday, October 02, 2008

Support Keltner and Have a Glass of Wine

This release is from Melyssa of the blog Hoosiers for Fair Taxation on tonight's Keltner event at Deanno's Vino:

"Greetings Friends,
Steve Keltner, the taxpayers' candidate for Indiana Senate District 30, will be at an event tonight featuring Indiana winemakers. Steve is working to help make it possible for our wine manufacturers to ship their product out-of-state.

As you know, I follow taxation issues closely. It is imperative that he defeats Senator Teresa Lubbers in order to pave the way for many reforms in state legislation that taxpayers need for relief...reforms that aren't happening now. Many of you know that his opponent did little to nothing for the taxpayers in her own Meridian Kessler neighborhood who were clobbered last year by tax bills that tripled and quadrupled over night. I was one of those people she didn't help.

In addition to working for property tax repeal, Steve is against the stadium bailout and has great ideas for insurance, healthcare, and even blue law reforms. You owe it to yourself to meet him. He's brilliant and dedicated to serving us!

I'll be there and I hope to see you too! The invitation is at the bottom of this email.

Best Regards,

Please join Steve for a glass of forbidden fruit...
Well forbidden to be shipped anyway!
When: Thursday, October 2, 2008 -- 6-8pm
Where: Deano's Vino - Voted Indy's Best Wine Bar
1112 Fountain Square
Indianapolis, IN. 46203

Enjoy some of the Indiana's bottled artistry and discuss why our legislators are limiting the sale of this precious art form.
Expect a rather vigorous discussion on the blue laws as well.
Come out to support your favorite candidate (and wine enthusiast) and his campaign to reform healthcare, education, property taxes and make wine legal... "

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