Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Television, Web and Radio Coverage of Tonight's 9th District Congressional Debate

The 9th Indiana Congressional District debate between Libertarian congressional candidate Eric Schansberg, Democrat Baron Hill and Republican Mike Sodrel will take place tonight in Jasper at 7 pm EDT at the Jasper Arts Center, 951 College Highway, next to the Vincennes University Jasper Campus.

The debate will be live streamed video/audio on the vinu.edu website.

The following television stations are carrying it live:

WNIN-TV9 in Evansville
WVUT-TV22 in Vincennes
Indiana-9 in Jeffersonville
WJTS-TV27 in Jasper

The following radio stations will carry it live:

WVUB in Jasper
WNIN in Evansville
WNDA in Jeffersonville

Television tape delay:

WTIU-TV in Bloomington 8pm (EDT)
Indiana 9 will re-telecast at 10 pm (EDT)

The following TV stations are carrying it on their "SD channel" live or in their newscasts:

WAVE in Louisville
WISH, WTHR, and WRTV in Indianapolis

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