Monday, October 27, 2008

Zach Wendling of In the Agora Writes About Voting for Bob Barr in Early Voting

Read more about Zach Wendling's vote for Bob Barr and his comfort with "Throwing My Vote Away".

Zach explains in his sarcastically titled post about why he didn't throw his vote away. Zach regularly posts on the collaborative blog In the Agora.

(In the Agora does not have links to each post. This is the link to the home page. For future readers who may find this post in the future, click here to link to the October 2008 archives of In the Agora).

UPDATE - I show my advanced age by not knowing that clicking on the time stamp might directly link me to the post. Thanks to In the Agora contributor Joshua Claybourn for letting me know this. Zach's post is now linked directly to this post.

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Joshua A. Claybourn said...

Actually we do have links to individual posts. Simply click on the time stamp below each post.