Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 Libertarian Party of Indiana Candidates

For the record, here are the 2008 Libertarian Party of Indiana candidates (many thanks to all of them for a job well done):

Bob Barr, Georgia
Vice President
Wayne Root, Nevada


Andrew Horning, Freedom

Lt. Governor
Lisa Kelly,

United States House of Representatives
Jeff Duensing,
District 1
Mark Vogel,
District 2
William Larson, District 3
George Holland, District 6
Eric Schansberg, District 9

Brown County:
Duncan Adams, County Council At-Large
David Murdock, County Council At-Large

Hendricks County:
Michele Colson, Commissioner District 2
Todd Singer, Commissioner District 3

LaPorte County:
Mark Lindborg, County Council

Marshall County:
Ryan Liedtky, County Council At-large

Marion County:
Paul Dijak-Robinson, Center Township Advisory Board, District 6.
Jared Wales, Decatur Township Advisory Board, District 3.
Eric Barnes, Lawrence Township Advisory Board, District 2.

Wayne County:
Cheryl Heacox
, County Commissioner, District 2
Gayle Bond, County Commissioner, District 3
Jim Mikesell, County Council At-Large
Marvin Heacox, County Council At-Large

Indiana General Assembly House of Representatives
KP Nfr
, District 9
Wade Mitchell, District 28
Greg Noland, District 36
Robert Jozwiak, District 37
Tim Stewart, District 41
Darrell Goldman, District 44
Rex Bell, District 54
Jon Bell, District 56
Al Cox, District 65
Herbert "Jack" Evans, District 83
John Meuser, District 99
Ed Angleton, District 100

Indiana General Assembly Senate
Greg Kelver, District 8
Steve Keltner, District 30
Barry Campbell, District 36

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