Sunday, November 02, 2008

Keltner Debate Pictures

I attended the Indiana Senate District 30 debate tonight at Butler University's Atherton Center. It was between Libertarian Steve Keltner and incumbent Republican Teresa Lubbers. The Democratic candidate did not attend or send a proxy.

Despite the Colts game, at least 55 people were in attendance, not a bad crowd.

Below are pictures taken at the event, courtesy of "Patriot" Paul Wheeler.

It's me, Mark Rutherford, former Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chairman (left) and my good friend Glenn Hatmaker immediately after the debate.

After the debate the crowd mingles. From left to right, Sam Goldstein, a past Marion County Libertarian Party Chairman, Glenn Hatmaker, Steve Keltner, Libertarian candidate for Indiana Senate District 30 and Chris Spangle, Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

The debate. At the podium is moderator Amos Brown of WTLC 1310 AM. To his right is Libertarian candidate Steve Keltner and to his right is Republican incumbent Teresa Lubbers.

Left is "Patriot" Paul Wheeler, dressed to the "T's". Right is Sergio Bennett, campaign manager for Libertarian Steve Keltner.

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