Tuesday, November 04, 2008

So Far, A Great Day for Libertarians

I've been working on the Keltner campaign most of today so far. It's exciting to see yard signs at almost all of the precincts, poll workers passing out literature on behalf of Keltner at a majority of the precincts, and the incumbent working much harder than she has had to do so in many, many years. Libertarian candidate Steve Keltner, candidate for Indiana Senate District 30 should be proud. On the ground, his campaign in comparable to the incumbent's ground game, and has exceeded it in areas such as television advertising.

I've also talked with Rex Bell, Libertarian candidate for Indiana House District 54. He too has a very good ground game with yard signs at almost every precinct and many, many poll workers. They have had to work hard to keep the volunteer poll workers stocked with palm cards, as the reception has been very good and most voters are gladly taking them (a very good sign, and a nice problem to have).

Anecdotal word on the street is that voters are splitting their tickets in District 54, as they are taking a lot longer than usual to vote. Rex spent a lot of time educating the voters in his district about splitting one's ticket to include a Libertarian (Rex), so this may be a good sign.

Libertarian Party of Indiana state chairman Todd Singer is on the ground today on behalf of Rex. Todd has been talking to voters and passing out Bell palm cards at Shenandoah High School in Middletown and also at the Civic Center in Middletown.

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