Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ban Lard Now!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for elites like former Indiana Health Commissioner Dr. Richard Feldman, for without elites like him, we wouldn't know how to take care of ourselves. A government run by elites like him is best for us, you know. It's because we are stupid, unintelligent and can't make decisions for ourselves. Thank goodness for Dr. Richard Feldman. I certainly feel better he's telling me how I should live and how others should act so that I don't make a foolish voluntary choice and go to a bar where smoking is allowed!! Imagine that - I must be such an idiot! Thank you again Dr. Richard Feldman - I no longer have to think for myself.

Thanks goodness for the elites. I hope they step up their efforts to next BAN LARD NOW!!!!!! (It's bad for you - you know - and we are too stupid to not eat it - thank goodness for the elites!)


Patriot Paul said...

As you know, Mark, I feel libertarians in general are on the wrong side of this issue. However, I respect your opinion. Maybe you could outline your arguments sometime. I think it would be a great discussion that needs airing (pardon the pun)

Mike Kole said...

Consider your reaction to a ban on guns, for a useful parallel. Guns are dangerous. One can hurt himself or others with a gun. So, why should you be allowed to have one? Parallel argument is that lard is dangerous. You can contribute to heart disease in yourself and those you cook for with lard. So, why should be allowed to use it? Does that sway you?

Banning lard, or alcohol, or anything else we consume assumes that the individual is not capable of moderation, and moreover, that it is wrong to permit the choice.

We're entering a period where freedom to choose our own pleasure, to pursue happiness (remember that quanit notion?), is giving way to the consideration of public costs. As health care becomes increasingly socialized, of course the clamor will rise to ban those things that can potentially harm, in the name of keeping costs down for society as a whole.

If we paid for our own health care entirely, the choices, and the results, could be entirely our own.

Collectivised health care is the perfect entry into wider socialism, because it destroys individual decision-making at such an elemental level: our food.

Which of the Founders would have been in favor of banning lard?