Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Spread the Word about Our Elected Libertarians

Indiana Libertarians - tell people that we currently have four Libertarians elected to partisan office.

They are:

1. Susan Bell, Town Judge, Hagerstown, Term Ends 12/31/11
2. Conley Tillson, Clay Township Advisory Board, Wayne County, Term Ends 12/31/10
3. Steve Coffman, Liberty Township Advisory Board, Henry County, Term Ends 12/31/10
4. Michael Sloan, Town Council, Pottawattamie Park, Term Ends 12/31/11

We have many Libertarians appointed to boards as Libertarians and it includes:

1. Rex Bell, Hagerstown Plan Commission. He is the President of it.
2. Timothy Maguire, Indianapolis Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals, Division I. He is the chair.
3. Brad Klopfenstein, Indianapolis Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals, Division II. He is the vice-chair.
4. Mark Rutherford, Indiana Public Defender Commission. He is the chairman.

Tell the world that Libertarians are in government and are governing effectively, and except where instructed otherwise by the rule of law, are doing so according to Libertarian principles.

Let me know of the Libertarians I've missed who have been appointed to government boards in Indiana as Libertarians.

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