Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Marion County Libertarian Party Officers Elected Tonight

The officer elections for the Libertarian Party of Marion County were held tonight. There were over 25 people in attendance at the monthly meeting.

It was a contested chair's race between incumbent Barry Campbell and Timothy Maguire. Both Campbell and Maguire gave good speeches and handled themselves well during the question and answer session with the members.

Maguire was elected Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Marion County for a two-year term.

Elected by acclamation to the other offices were:

Vice Chair: Ed Angleton
Secretary: John Meuser
Treasurer: James (former Treasurer of the Libertarian Party of Lake County).

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Melyssa said...

I'm pleased to hear that Tim is our Chair. Unfortunately, I could not make the meeting. As it turns out, I am injured from that car accident. So much so, I might even have to take leave from work.

Congrats Tim!