Thursday, February 12, 2009

2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate Wayne Root Regularly On "Savage Nation" with 8.25 Million Listeners

Here is Root's latest press release:

"For Immediate Release:

Root Savages "Obamaville" on Savage Nation Radio Today

Las Vegas, NV--February 11, 2009--Libertarian 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root will present a Commentary called "Obamaville" on Michael Savage's national radio show "Savage Nation" on Wednesday 2/11/09. Root will appear in the 3rd hour of Savage's show. Root is now a regular commentator on Michael Savage's popular show. "Savage Nation" is the third most popular radio talk show in America, reaching over 8.25 million listeners each day.

Root, the busy 2012 Libertarian Presidential hopeful, and author of the upcoming book, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gambling & Tax Cuts” will discuss the Congressional Budget Office's own study which proves that doing nothing about the current economic crisis is preferable to Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan. Root believes politicians should take a Hippocratic Oath: ABOVE ALL ELSE, DO NO HARM. Root believes Obama's plan will cause major harm to our economy. "Forget Global warming," Root says. "This is the real proven threat to our children and grandchildren's future- debt."

Root's own economic stimulus plan will be the centerpiece of his upcoming book (released in May by John Wiley & Sons). Root favors a one year suspension of personal income taxes. He calls it an "Income Tax Vacation." Root explains, “My plan rewards the people who create all the jobs and pay all the taxes in the first place. It allows American taxpayers to simply keep more of their own money- and cut out the middleman (the government). When taxpayers keep all their money for one year, the result will bbe the greatest economic recovery of all time. My plan puts the money in the hands of its rightful owners- the people that earned it, and the people that know how to use it to invest in stocks, real estate, small business and the creation of jobs. It's time to save the group that truly is too big to fail- taxpayers, business owners, and job creators. I want to let that group keep their own money for a year- without government getting involved. That will create jobs, new businesses, spur investment, and prevent foreclosures.”

To his critics who say his idea is too expensive, Root says, “If we can afford $1 trillion for Obama's stimulus plan, we can certainly afford the $1.3 trillion it costs to suspend income taxes. Why can we hand out $9.7 trillion in bailouts and handouts to fat-cat corporations, banks, Wall Street brokerage houses, auto companies, unions and people that don't pay any taxes, but it's considered too expensive to give the people that actually pay the taxes a one year vacation? This is the CHANGE that Obama should have brought to Washington. Instead he's bringing the same old 'big government, tax and spend, punish successful Americans' policies that have failed miserably so many times in the past.”

Please visit Wayne's Website to see these and many other FOX News and FOX Business appearances by Wayne, as well as hear Wayne's latest appearance on “Savage Nation” with Michael Savage:"

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