Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Success of American Socialism - Part One - Detroit - an opinion piece by Mark W. Rutherford

Detroit - Exhibit One - How Socialism Works and Becomes "Successful"

Median price of a house as of December 2008 - $7,500 (this is not a misprint).

Junk bond rating (one step above "do not exist").

One third of population and one half of children live in property.

Homicide rate going down because "there just isn't anyone left to kill."

Has lost half of its population over the last 50 years.

Best job available - government bureaucrat enforcing rules that don't count for public safety, ignoring rules that do count for public safety - and help drive out potential business owners - but socialist bureaucracy is a deadly and addictive drug and like a meth user, you start out beautiful and handsome, but end up emaciated with no teeth and no brain power.

Has just had its own version of Watergate.


(Note - the links go to articles to which I cite as authority for the factual basis of my comments - I am not implying that the writers' necessarily agree with my opinions.)

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Mike Kole said...

That reads like a history of my old hometown, Cleveland, which has had almost exclusively Democratic 'leadership' for the last 50 years. It seems to me that it should be a workers paradise by now, if Democratic policies work.