Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Allen County Libertarian Party Convention on April 30th

Here is the latest release on the Libertarian Party of Allen County annual convention on April 30th:

"To All,

Just a reminder that next Thursday is our April business meeting AND our annual convention.


Who: Libertarians & Friends
What: Annual convention
Where: Downtown Library Meeting Room
When: Thursday, April 30th, 6P – 9P (Meeting Starts at 7P)
Why: Monthly business and annual convention

At this meeting several important things will occur:

#1) New officers will be elected;
#2) Representatives will be elected to vote at the state convention;
#3) Bylaws may be changed and/or added to in order to deal w/ problems.

As I have mentioned earlier I will NOT be seeking any sort of official position. I have enjoyed and appreciated working with everyone in the LPAC but it is time for a rest. I plan on helping with small things like fundraising and want to stay active with the platform committee. I hope to continue to appear at the monthly meetings, but it will be nice to miss several of them and not be required to attend.

This year the tea parties have made quite a stir. While the LPAC did not do a “tea party” per se, we did have a nice turn out for our annual tax protest. I will continue to work on the Federal debt bill for as long as the LPAC wants me to.

Anyone who wishes to represent the LPAC at State in May let me know. You MUST attend our April meeting to be elected. I will be driving down for one day only on Saturday, May 16th. I will leave early that morning and return about 7P – 9P on Saturday evening. I do not need to be there for Friday socializing or Sundays wrap up. All of the State voting will occur on Saturday along with several interesting presentations. The State does a fine job with this. This will also be a combined convention with Kentucky to help it grow.

If you are NOT a member of National or State I will encourage you to join. You MUST be a member to vote in our meetings or especially at convention. We will have membership forms available for our County membership only. These will allow for voting only here in Allen County if you need to sign up at the Convention.

There is a growing distaste with the old parties! People from both sides of the aisle are being backstabbed by the Republicans and Democrats who care less about ideology and more about holding on to power. It will still take time for us to move into a strong position, but now we are building a strong foundation that will move our party forward.

I will appreciate seeing all of you at our meeting.


Doug Horner
Chairman, LPAC"

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