Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Brad Klopfenstein is Tomorrow's Guest Host on WXNT Abdul in the Morning

Indiana Licensed Beverage Association Executive Director Brad Klopfenstein is guest hosting Abdul in the Morning tomorrow.

Here is the information on the show tomorrow:

Station: WXNT
Frequency: 1430 AM
Time: 6am-9am
Listen online:

Brad reports on his plans for the show as follows:

"The first part of the morning will be open phones, so feel free to call with your thoughts. The number is locally 317-228-1430 (that's a phone number). If you are listening outside of Indy, you can call in at 1-866-440-1430 (that is also a phone number. It is a toll-free call, which means that the station will pick up the long-distance charges if you happen to be one of the last two dozen people who doesn't use your cell phone for everything.). Then State Senator Jim Merritt (R-31) will join us in the 7 o'clock hour to break down the legislative session and discuss Indiana's Safe Haven Law. In the 8 o'clock hour, our friends from the alcohol industry will join us. Bill Smythe, General Manager of Claude & Annie's, and Jon Sinder from Crown Liquors will be in to discuss the alcohol industry, smoking bans, and how we should fund Indy's sports venues."

Brad Klopfenstein is a former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana.

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