Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why the IRS and Congress are Immoral and Deserve No Respect

I expect to now get audited because I am questioning the morality of the pronouncements of the IRS and the law Congress passed that supports this immorality.

It is these type of laws which caused Thomas Jefferson to be the primary draftsman of the Declaration of Independence.

Section 6707A of the Tax Code is scary, wrong, immoral and has no place in a free society. The fact it exists questions the very nature of our federal government and whether we truly live in a free society. Only a dictator and his/her cohorts would like such a law.

Read more about Section 6707A at the Small Business Council of America web site page titled "SBCA CALLS FOR AN IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM ON TAX CODE SECTION 6707A LISTED TRANSACTION PENALTIES".

By the way, this onerous piece of work was passed by a Congress with a Republican majority in both houses.

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Anonymous said...


How can we go back to our roots from this tyranny?

Numerous lives have been affected by this draconian law. Several businesses have shutdown or are on the verge of declaring a bankruptcy. There is no moral justification for such a law to exist and for IRS to toe the line just to collect revenues from an accidental law.

Question to ask - does our government have a conscience? What about the "honest mistakes" by the high and mighty in the government? Why don't the same principles of reasonable cause apply to the honest and hardworking taxpayers.