Monday, June 08, 2009

Government Subsidized Smoke Free Indy Rears Its Anti-Business Head Once Again

Smoke Free Indy is having a forum at the end of the month. This group is making the broad assertion at this forum that smoke free workplace laws don't harm businesses.

I wonder what all the owners and patrons of the bars and restaurants in Fort Wayne that failed think about that? They failed when that authoritarian city passed its smoking and business destroying laws.

I hate it when government funded special interest groups engage in such tactics that I believe are based on lies.

Remember that these special interest groups are full of self-imposed elites who believe they know better than everyone else. All hail Smoke Free Indy elites. Must we bow before you and admire your ability to be authorities and try to control our lives with the taxpayers' dime?

Let businesses decide whether they want smoking or not.

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