Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brad Klopfenstein is Tomorrow's Guest Host on WXNT's Abdul in the Morning

Brad Klofpenstein is tomorrow's guest host for Abdul on WXNT 1430 AM. Here's what Brad has to say about tomorrow:

"...We'll be talking to one of the owners of Lifeline Data Centers who owns the old Eastgate Mall to talk about their redevelopment progress at 6:30. We'll then replay Michael Smerconish's interview from today with President Obama at 7 with a little discussion afterwards. Then at 7:30, the segment that everyone anxiously awaits, we'll be talking all things alcohol-bars-liquor stores with our industry experts Bill Smythe from Claude & Annie's and Brad Rider from United Package Liquors. Then at 8:20, we have a very special guest! Lindy Thackston from Versus will be calling in to preview the IRL race at Sonoma this weekend. Then we'll let the show fall all to hell after 8:30 when Matt Socey comes in to discuss all things cinema and film (oh, who are we kidding, he's going to talk about hot actresses that you've never heard of). So be sure to tune in!

Again, it's on Newstalk 1430 WXNT (that's 1430 on your AM dial) from 6-9am. Or, you can listen online at

And if you feel compelled to call in, the numbers are 228-1430 or 1-866-440-1430 ..."

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