Monday, December 21, 2009

D.C. Police Detective Shows Us How to Turn Snowball Fight into a Near Riot


What is amazing is how the Washington, D.C. police detective in this video turns a relatively peaceful snowball fight targeting Hummers into a near riot - and gives a lot of people lots of reason to distrust and disrespect the police.

A good police officer would have pulled over - said it is wrong to throw snowballs at vehicles, and ask they keep the snowball fight between themselves. However, this detective pulls a gun and does lots to incite the crowd (we are all criminals you know)!

I hope the leaders of law enforcement give this detective sensitivity lessons and lessons on how he serves the people, not the reverse. He also needs to be taught that we are not all criminals and that we are not all targets of the war on crime.

This detective/police officer has done great damage towards the public's respect for the rule of law. I haven't heard a citizen call a policeman a "pig" in years.

Sad. Most policeman get it - but this one doesn't.

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