Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Republican Mayor Ballard Shows Anti-Second Amendment Side

Disappointingly, Republican Indianapolis Mayor Ballard has shown a pro gun-grabbing, anti-Second Amendment side to his administration.

He has asked the Indianapolis City-County Council to approve Frank Straub as the new Public Safety Director for the City of Indianapolis.

Straub has made it clear that he believes there are too many guns on the street, that there needs to be a national policy on guns, and that there has to be a control of the flow of guns between the states. (See Indianapolis Star article on Staub).

Make no mistake about it - these are code words for GUN CONTROL and IGNORING THE UNITED STATES AND INDIANA CONSTITUTIONS.

In Indianapolis it now appears there is no difference between most Democrats and Republicans - the elected officials from the two old parties support GUN CONTROL.

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Barry Campbell said...

Wasn't it about a year ago that Ballard made the comment about how we should look at New York City-style gun laws? That did not fly too well, so he has apparently decided to let his new Public Safety Director take the lead. Can't wait to see the new "Greg Lies" bumper stickers...