Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obama Executive Order on Council of Governor's a Thinly Veiled Power Play to Further Diminish Federalism and the Role of State Governments

President Obama has created by executive order dated January 11, 2010 a "Council of Governors" regarding "homeland security" matters. It consists of 10 governors of which no more than 5 can come from the same political party.

Here is what my friend Stephen Gordon of Alabama has to say about this: ". . .the president is clearly pushing the edges on state sovereignty. It's especially noteworthy at a time the Dems are already being accused of overreach. (I am)(n)ot sure (how) compliant this is with the 10th Amendment, either."

He further states: ". . . it's not all 50 states, but 10. While this Council has no regulatory authority, if they issue a report to the national media, it will shift the direction of media conversation in the direction of the decision of the Council, making it easier to approve the agenda of the governors appointed by Obama.

Second of all, it's now easier to take a second step and grant the Council some unconstitutional authority. This is especially easy when it's in response to some sort of "crisis.""

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Matt Wittlief said...

Unfortunately, I think state sovereignty died in 1861.