Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Update on US Government's Efforts to Destroy the Airline Industry and Give the Terrorists a Victory

Read more about the incompetence that is the United State's government hallmark regarding airport security in the New York Times article "New Route for Airports: Contradictions, Delays".

Did we have this type of problem in security with stagecoaches and trains, the precursors of the airplane? If I remember correctly, the private stagecoach and train companies had armed men with them and everyone knew it. They also allowed riders to carry their own weapons too.

I bet if the government was in charge of security during the heyday of the stagecoach and trains, there would be no airports and the west would still be undeveloped because it took too many years to get through security and get somewhere else! We all just decided to stay at home, cowering from the terrorists, like our government wants us to do (so it can protect us and control us).

Win the war against terrorism - elected statesmen to political office and get rid of the carpetbaggers now invading most of our public institutions. Vote Libertarian.

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