Friday, June 25, 2010

Take a Look at These Texas Libertarian Candidates

As Libertarian Party national Vice Chair - I hear a lot about campaigns across the nation. A lot of good reports come from Texas.

The Texas Libertarian Party has really grown over the last six years, and is running very good candidates, and lots of them. It has also significantly improved its fund raising prowess, and has Robert Butler as Executive Director. Robert worked for the Libertarian Party of Indiana several years ago.

Here are some candidates and campaigns in Texas in which I'm hearing some good things:

1. John Jay Meyers 32 US House 214-824-4150
2. David Smith 2 US House 832-329-5313
3. Robert Nowotny for State Rep 73 830-228-5950
4. Jim Prindle 4 US House www.prindleforcongress 214-909-2311
5. Bruce West 8 US House 281-622-0732
6. Jim Strohm 21 US House
7. Jim Stutsman 25 US House 512-797-3905
8. Ed Mishou 27 US House 956-541-7091

Now who to list is always a subjective call, and information changes daily. I'm sure I've missed some good campaigns in Texas that deserve to be called out as well.

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Ambree said...

Please don't forget Libertarian Kathie Youngblood-Glass as she runs for Governor of Texas! She will be debating the Democratic challenger, Bill White, tonight at 7pm in Kerrville, TX. Debate can be seen LIVE online here: