Monday, July 31, 2017

Political Parties are Frying Pans. Don't Jump-in Unless You Want to Get Dirty in the Grease

I've never understood the people who get involved in a political party (name your favorite) and when they understand its nature, stay despite their dislike of it.  These people desire to be above it all ("holier than thou"), and not get dirty with what it actually is.   These people just simply hate politics and refuse to get in the mud with the pigs.  Then their desire to be above it all and to not get muddy actually compromises the goals of a political party, which is getting like-minded people elected or appointed to office. 

It's like being a minister for the praise from the congregation for the morning sermon, but not administering to the sick and infirm.  It's like being a lawyer wanting the money and prestige but doing nothing so muddy as trying a case or putting together a transaction. It's like boasting of the clean water in one's hometown, but looking down upon the workers who manage and clean the sewage facility.

So if you don't like political parties, don't stay and pretend it is something that it isn't.  If you're involved with a political party but don't want to get down in the mud and start getting your fellow like-minded compatriots elected, then don't do it.   If you try to redefine a political party as a think-tank or something else, stop with the fraud.  Call it a think-tank or nonprofit educational organization.  Those are valuable and essential too.  

The world needs "honey dippers" (those who remove sewage from within cisterns, outhouses, etc.)  Yet if you don't want to be a honey dipper, don't pretend to be one.  Otherwise the sewage collects and the world becomes a worse place in which to live.  Same is true for those who are involved with political parties.

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