Saturday, May 20, 2006

Police Officers Write Seat Belt Tickets To Make Politicians in Charge Feel Good

A few minutes ago I saw the most recent Click It or Ticket television commercial propaganda. It claims that police officers write seat belt tickets to save lives.

I disagree.

The reality is follow the money. Most police officers write seat belt enforcement tickets because their departments are getting government grant money to do so.

Follow the money further - there isn't much government money to fight real crime - burglaries, rapists, murderers, etc.

Politicians currently in power are sending the money for seat belt enforcement, not for burglary enforcement. However, by telling us what to do - they claim they are saving our lives - and thus support their self imposed belief that they are morally and intellectually superior to us.

How nice of them to be our nannys and thank goodness for them - if it wasn't for them I bet I would not have made it to 46 years of age. And who cares if the person(s) who burglarized my home in 1988 have never, ever been caught.

The politicians aren't doing anything to make us feel secure in our homes. They should feel very bad about this and it's evidence to me that they aren't morally and intellectually superior as their condescending commercial suggests they believe.

Thus my conclusion - police officers write seat belt tickets to make politicians in charge feel good about themselves. I bet that is comforting to the home owner who has been burglarized and is learning that the police won't be putting much time into finding the burglar. But if the burglar drives without a seat belt - don't worry - he'll get a ticket!!!!!

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