Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Very Busy Allen County Libertarian Party

Here is their latest press release:

"Its a busy week for the Libertarian Party of Allen County! There are 3 events in the next few days.

**Platform Committee Meeting**
Saturday, April 14th 5:30PM
Doug Horners house
4501 Highwood Dr.

This is another round of reviews so we can get comments from members on what you want the party to be.

See the latest DRAFT of the platform here:

THIS IS A DRAFT AND IS NOT FINAL. If you have any objections, comments, or concerns let us know!!!

If you are unable to attend but want to share your thoughts contact Doug and he will make sure that your comments are read and considered at this meeting.

**LPAC Business Meeting**
Monday April 16th, March 2007
Evans household
4205 N. Washington Blvd
Libertarian Party members ONLY

Its that time again! The next business meeting is coming up in a few short days. Please note that this is for party members only, we will be discussing some party business that is not appropriate for discussion with the general public. If you are not a party member all you need to do is join the national party and you automatically become a county party member. You can join online at .

We will have a more social meeting in April, location and time TBA. That is where we invite the public, media, and friends of LPAC. We are separating the two aspects of our meetings so that there are more chances to get out every month and so that we don't make private party business a public affair.

This meeting is being hosted by Jack and Hillary Evans. Since we aren't meeting at a restaurant as we usually do, please eat before you come. Our hosts also as that you park on the street and only park on ONE SIDE of the street to keep traffic moving. Thank you very much for hosting, Jack and Hillary!!!

**LPAC Tax Rally**
Tuesday April 17th 5:00PM - ?????
Fort Wayne Main Post Office
1501 South Clinton Street
Web Information Here
All are welcome

Your share of the national debt is $60,834. Does that make you mad? Does that make you want to say something to your elected officials? Come out and tell them on Tuesday April 17th!! We will be handing out information to everyone mailing their taxes on Tuesday. Help us tell everyone about where our tax money goes! This is a big event for LPAC, its a great opportunity for us to inform taxpayers.

We've got the time and location set. We will be gathering outside the main post office on Clinton Street near the main Post Office. We will only be handing out fliers. DO NOT accept mail from anyone, it is a federal offense and you do not want to be responsible for losing someones tax return!

Since we expect a lot of traffic on Clinton Street as people line up at the post office we recommend using a side street to get downtown and to park. We'd rather have you handing out fliers than stuck in traffic!!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Chair, Jennifer Jeffrey. jenniferjeffreylpac(at) or 260.418.2750

Libertarian Party of Allen County"

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