Saturday, July 30, 2005

Media Day November 8th

Secretary of State candidate Michael Kole's campaign is working on organizing a media day for Tuesday, November 8, 2005.

This will be Election Day for many areas of the United States, but not in Indiana.

However, Mike's campaign sees this as a target date for announcing Libertarian candidates across Indiana.

The November date allows plenty of time for the county affiliates of the Libertarian Party of Indiana to recruit a good number of candidates. And if recruited by November 8, 2005, it will allow these candidates a full year of campaigning.

Kole will make himself available to tour the state in support of county affiliates who will have a press conference to announce their declared candidates on that date. Libertarian Party of Indiana Political Director Brad Klopfenstein plans to join the tour also.

This is great planning on the part of Kole's campaign team. It should generate good candidates, a critical mass of excitement for Libertarians across the state, some earned media, and many more activists.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana is growing and getting much more mature. It wasn't that long ago when an old-timer like me can remember organizing critical statewide campaigns only 3 or 4 months before the general election. Now candidates are starting to organize and start their campaigns over a year before the election. The change is nice.

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